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Australian Genocide History The below catalogue of Australian involvement in Genocide as defined by the UN Genocide Convention – and notably in British and American-imposed genocides - is given in roughly chronological order from 1788, the year of European Invasion and First Settlement, to 2008. 1. 18th -19th century Aboriginal Genocide (the Indigenous Aboriginal population dropped... Continue Reading →

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We are showcasing around the world 🌎 the "One Nation People's" History of the Australian Indigenous Aboriginals Culture, Art, Music and Australian landscapes.      

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Visiting Australian States  <a href="">Visiting Australian States </a><a href="">Visiting Australian States </a><a href="">Visiting Australian States</a> <a href=""></a>Do you feel intimidated considering the vast amount of places to see. We offer Professional Chauffeured Driven Day Trips around Australia&nbsp; We have Professional Chauffeured Dream destinations or name your wish.&nbsp; From Airlines to Resorts From PASSENGER CRUISE VISITING AUSTRALIAN... Continue Reading →

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